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Release Date: 2012.03.09
Last Update : 2012.03.09
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1Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day00h 08m 03sPlay 20 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
2Don Levy: A cinematic journey through visual ef...00h 06m 55sPlay 17 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
3Steven Addis: A father-daughter bond, one photo...00h 03m 39sPlay 33 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
4Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity00h 17m 21sPlay 20 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
5Marco Tempest: The electric rise and fall of Ni...00h 06m 06sPlay 18 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
6John Hockenberry: We are all designers00h 19m 44sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
7John Hodgman: Design, explained.00h 06m 24sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
8Damian Palin: Mining minerals from seawater00h 03m 02sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
9Terry Moore: Why is 'x' the unknown?00h 03m 58sPlay 34 /  Fusen 1Play Now!
10Quixotic Fusion: Dancing with light00h 12m 23sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
11Reggie Watts disorients you in the most enterta...00h 09m 44sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
12Carl Schoonover: How to look inside the brain00h 05m 00sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
13David Kelley: How to build your creative confid...00h 11m 47sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
14Jean-Baptiste Michel: The mathematics of history00h 04m 27sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
15Renny Gleeson: 404, the story of a page not found00h 04m 08sPlay 47 /  Fusen 5Play Now!
16Michael Tilson Thomas: Music and emotion throug...00h 20m 14sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
17Liz Diller: A giant bubble for debate00h 12m 08sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
18Nancy Lublin: Texting that saves lives00h 05m 25sPlay 22 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
19Eduardo Paes: The 4 commandments of cities00h 12m 22sPlay 91 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
20Christina Warinner: Tracking ancient diseases u...00h 05m 32sPlay 20 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
21Drew Curtis: How I beat a patent troll00h 06m 42sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
22Atul Gawande: How do we heal medicine?00h 19m 20sPlay 21 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
23Abigail Washburn: Building US-China relations ....00h 06m 35sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
24Frank Warren: Half a million secrets00h 11m 25sPlay 48 /  Fusen 5Play Now!
25Lucy McRae: How can technology transform the hu...00h 04m 00sPlay 17 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
26Jack Choi: On the virtual dissection table00h 06m 37sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
27Chip Kidd: Designing books is no laughing matte...00h 17m 17sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
28Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?00h 19m 49sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
29A Taste of TED201200h 04m 01sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
30Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented r...00h 06m 33sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
31Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep an...00h 05m 28sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
32Leymah Gbowee: Unlock the intelligence, passion...00h 14m 40sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
33Regina Dugan: From mach-20 glider to humming bi...00h 25m 02sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
34Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable e...00h 15m 16sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
35Billy Collins: Everyday moments, caught in time00h 15m 14sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
36Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story00h 19m 17sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
37Myshkin Ingawale: A blood test without bleeding00h 06m 44sPlay 27 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
38T. Boone Pickens: Let's transform energy -- wit...00h 19m 43sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
39Brené Brown: Listening to shame00h 20m 39sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
40Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod00h 05m 12sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
41Jonathan Haidt: Religion, evolution, and the ec...00h 18m 18sPlay 32 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
42A TED speaker's worst nightmare00h 03m 51sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
43Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government00h 12m 12sPlay 72 /  Fusen 17Play Now!
44James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climat...00h 17m 52sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
45Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injus...00h 23m 42sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
46Susan Cain: The power of introverts00h 19m 05sPlay 76 /  Fusen 9Play Now!
47Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly ... and cooperate00h 16m 47sPlay 102 /  Fusen 13Play Now!
48Paul Gilding: The Earth is full00h 16m 47sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
49Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future00h 16m 15sPlay 44 /  Fusen 15Play Now!