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Auburn University

Release Date: 2010.05.18
Last Update : 2010.05.18
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Poultry - W.O.G.S. Three curriculum options are available: 1) Poultry Processing and Products, 2) Pre-Veterinay Medicine, and 3) Poutlry Production. Each curriculum option leads to a B.S. degree in Poultry Science. Poultry Processing and Products is designed to develop the technical, analytical, communication, business and management skills needed for advancement to leadership positions in the poultry processing, food, and allied agricultural industries. All aspects of the food...

1Worker Safety00h 03m 55sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
2Energy Saving Tips For Processing Plants00h 05m 01sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
3When To Outsource00h 04m 40sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
4Improving Immersion Scalding Hygiene00h 04m 24sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
5Physical Hazard Detection00h 04m 36sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
6Aging Bruises00h 04m 45sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
7Catching Damage00h 04m 25sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
8A New Tool To Help Defend The Food Supply00h 04m 29sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
9Bacterial Growth As A Funcion Of Temperature00h 04m 06sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
10Red Wingtips00h 04m 06sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
11Incoming Microbial Load00h 03m 53sPlay 6 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
12Will There Be Enough Water For Processing00h 04m 38sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
13There Is A Difference00h 04m 30sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
14Melanin Pigmentation00h 03m 50sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
15Paw Burns00h 03m 56sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
16OSHA Guidance Against Avian Influenza00h 04m 32sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
17Will I Get The Bird Flu00h 04m 32sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
18Post Harvest Salmonella Reduction In Poultry00h 05m 19sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
19Fresh And Frozen Chicken Handling Guidelines00h 04m 32sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
20Basics of Scalding00h 04m 28sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
21Avian Influenza (Asian Bird Flu)00h 05m 36sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
22Moldy Breast Fillets00h 04m 25sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
23Drumstick Bruising00h 04m 39sPlay 17 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
24How Do You Sample00h 04m 27sPlay 6 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
25Fighting The Biofilm00h 04m 35sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
26Sampling The Litter Doesn't Have To Be A Drag00h 04m 52sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
27Sanitary Facility Design00h 04m 41sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
28Principles Of Sanitary Equipment Design00h 04m 14sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
29Quality Control Tools00h 03m 52sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
30To Clean Or Not To Clean00h 04m 33sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
31Know Your Enemy Clostridium perfringens00h 05m 13sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
32Microbial Validation00h 04m 49sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
33Plant Ventilation00h 05m 33sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
34Know Your Enemy (Staphylococcus aureus)00h 05m 13sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
35The Log Scale (pH Example)00h 05m 42sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
36Infectious Process (IP) Or Cellulitis00h 04m 26sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
37What Is Your Listeria Control Plan00h 05m 02sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
38Monitoring the Electical Stunning Process00h 04m 43sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
39Uniformity00h 04m 16sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
40Know Your Enemy (Listeria monocytogenes)00h 04m 36sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
41Do You Know Your Bugs00h 05m 54sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
42Irradiation Pasteurization00h 05m 03sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
43Food Safety Program Confidence00h 04m 33sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
44Environmental Control During Plant Holding00h 03m 19sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
45Pre-Slaughter Mortality00h 03m 41sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
46Animal Welfare Programs00h 04m 52sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
47Minimizing Wing Damage00h 05m 30sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
48How Much Is Your Shrinkage00h 04m 02sPlay 6 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
49Chlorine Use Terminology00h 05m 25sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
50Security In The Poultry Processing Plant00h 06m 06sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
51Would You Pass Up A $500,00 Opportunity00h 04m 34sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
52Economic Impact Of Product Yield00h 04m 09sPlay 4 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
53Product Shelf-Life00h 04m 27sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
54HACCP Validation00h 06m 40sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
55Pale, Soft, and Exudative Meat00h 04m 50sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
56Chicken Fat As Fuel00h 04m 52sPlay 27 /  Fusen 1Play Now!
57Green Tenders00h 04m 45sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
58Craters On The Skin00h 04m 22sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
59Verification Of Feed Withdrawal Program00h 05m 05sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
60Aging And Meat Tenderness00h 04m 12sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
61Intestinal Fragility00h 03m 14sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
62What's Welding Got To Do With Food Safety00h 06m 04sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
63Condensation00h 05m 12sPlay 6 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
64Fractured Clavicle00h 04m 06sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
65Verifying Sanitation00h 04m 50sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
66Bone Darkening00h 04m 21sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
67Necessity For Frequent Rinses00h 04m 39sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
68FoodSafety: InterPlay of Regulations and Market...00h 05m 14sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
69Biofilms: A Potential Hazard for Poultry Proces...00h 04m 24sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
70The Salmonella Initiative Program00h 04m 57sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
71Obtaining Regulatory Waivers00h 06m 26sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
72Using ORP to Control Immersion Chiller Parameters00h 04m 18sPlay 22 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
73Controlling Chemical Hazards00h 04m 53sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
74A Checklist for a Likely HACCP Audit00h 04m 41sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
75Bioaerosols in the Processing Plant00h 04m 00sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
76Processability of Broiler Chickens00h 04m 12sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
77Active Packaging Technology00h 04m 02sPlay 7 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
78When Was the Last Time You Audited Your HACCP S...00h 05m 03sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
79What is BOD00h 05m 11sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
80Marination of Meat and Poultry Products00h 05m 19sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
81Meat Color Part 100h 04m 27sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!