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Central Washington University

Release Date: 2010.03.29
Last Update : 2010.03.29
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Natural Sci Seminars - Video

Description: The Natural Science Seminar series is an informal, biweekly Friday presentation in Science, Room 147, from 4:00-5:00pm. Refreshments will be served prior to the seminar at 3:50 and a spirited discussion will followed each seminar. Be sure to join us.
The Natural Science Seminars are sponsored by the Central Washington University Biology Club

1Wenas Creek Mammoth Dig Part 100h 12m 45sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
2Wenas Creek Mammoth Dig Part 200h 12m 44sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
3Will the Real Homoerectus Please Stand Up Part 100h 28m 52sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
4Will the Real Homoerectus Please Stand Up Part 200h 26m 08sPlay 18 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
5Life Along the Tahuayo Part 100h 27m 19sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
6Life Along the Tahuayo Part 200h 30m 38sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
7Living with Orangutans Part 100h 18m 46sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
8Living with Orangutans Part 200h 19m 05sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
9Barcoding Life: Using DNA to Track Killers & H...00h 21m 17sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
10Barcoding Life: Using DNA to Track Killers & H...00h 26m 01sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
11Himalayas: Impact of Climate on Mountains Part 100h 18m 08sPlay 124 /  Fusen 8Play Now!
12Himalayas: Impact of Climate on Mountains Part 200h 18m 00sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
13Sex, Drugs and Caenorhabditis Elegans Part 100h 25m 41sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
14Sex, Drugs and Caenorhabditis Elegans Part 200h 29m 50sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
15Mixed Land Use Streams Part 100h 22m 20sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
16Metabolic Rate and Aging Part 200h 18m 55sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
17Metabolic Rate and Aging Part 100h 20m 19sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
18Humans Those Who Move and Don't Part 100h 20m 15sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
19Humans Those Who Move and Don't Part 200h 18m 59sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
20Wenas Creek Mammoth Dig Part 300h 29m 08sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
21Mixed Land Use Streams Part 200h 25m 42sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
22Aging and Retirement 200h 19m 56sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
23Aging and Retirement 100h 27m 07sPlay 17 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
24Anatomical Oddities 100h 32m 15sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
25Anatomical Oddities 200h 28m 14sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
26Natural Science Seminar Bees 100h 27m 55sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
27Natural Science Seminar Bees 200h 32m 04sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
28Orangutans update 100h 29m 51sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
29Orangutans update 200h 29m 49sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
30Orangutans update 300h 38m 40sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
31Sounds Gay to Me 100h 30m 25sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
32Rattlesnake Hunting Behavior00h 35m 27sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
33Sounds Gay to Me 200h 28m 09sPlay 16 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
34Story of Wood Frog in N. America Part 200h 26m 01sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
35Story of Wood Frog in N. America Part 100h 25m 25sPlay 10 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
36Mt Rainier Americas Volcano 100h 28m 58sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
37Mt Rainier Americas Volcano 200h 25m 25sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
38Suspended Animation Part 100h 20m 12sPlay 11 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
39Suspended Animation Part 200h 21m 28sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
40Northern Side Blotched Lizards Part 200h 30m 35sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
41Northern Side Blotched Lizards Part 100h 29m 36sPlay 9 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
42Of Pikas & Parasites 2009 Part100h 29m 55sPlay 8 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
43Of Pikas & Parasites 2009 Part200h 29m 40sPlay 13 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
44Pancreas 2009 Part100h 22m 56sPlay 19 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
45Pancreas 2009 Part200h 21m 02sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
46Pancreas 2009 Part300h 19m 55sPlay 14 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
47Fish of the Columbia River Basin Part100h 28m 59sPlay 15 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
48Fish of the Columbia River Basin Part200h 28m 03sPlay 12 /  Fusen 0Play Now!