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Release Date: 2010.03.10
Last Update : 2010.03.25
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Our Cooking with Class videos give you step-by-step directions on how to prepare great new recipes. "

1How to Make Chocolate Covered Profiteroles00h 28m 36sPlay 3 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
2How to Make Chilled Watermelon Soup00h 13m 28sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
3How to Make Mixed Berry Tart00h 22m 01sPlay 5 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
4How to Make Bananas Foster00h 16m 31sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
5How to Make Sweet Basil Pesto00h 30m 04sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
6How to Make Parisienne Style Gnocchi00h 23m 30sPlay 4 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
7How to Make Tuna With Mango Sauce00h 29m 25sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
8How to Make Pork Tenderloin with Vegetables00h 28m 32sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
9How to Make Apple Strudel00h 25m 39sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
10How to Make Roasted Salmon stuffed with boursin00h 29m 01sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
11How to Make Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding00h 30m 49sPlay 4 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
12How to Make Roast Pork and Potatoes Malaysian S...00h 35m 37sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
13How to Make Frozen Peanut Butter and Chocolate ...00h 42m 20sPlay 26 /  Fusen 23Play Now!
14How to Make Farro Summer Salad00h 25m 48sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
15How to Make Cedar-Plank Salmon00h 27m 25sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
16How to Make Asian Salmon00h 15m 46sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
17How to Make Aztec Pots de Creme00h 09m 22sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
18Cooking With Class - Steak/Beef Cookery, Beef D...00h 40m 23sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
19How to Make Lemon Basil Chicken with Toasted Ba...00h 17m 12sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
20How to Make Smoked Salmon Salad00h 32m 22sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
21How to Make Chicken Tortilla Soup00h 34m 15sPlay 1 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
22How to Make Risotto with Parmesan Cheese00h 28m 43sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
23How to Make Freshly Made Mozzarella00h 56m 01sPlay 0 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
24How to Make Quinoa with Beets and Seared Halibut00h 31m 03sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!
25How to Make Lamb Chops and Shrimp00h 57m 16sPlay 2 /  Fusen 0Play Now!