About Us

iUniv is a service and platform that formulates social learning by using visual and auditory content provided online by institutions such as universities and other organizations. Self-learners can enjoy these contents (video and audio) and use the Fusen (foo-sen) to study and share with their fellow users.

  • Application of over 60 thousand lecture contents mainly composed by renown overseas universities
  • Emphatic learning generated by the Fusen
  • Enabling the sharing of comments and knowledge with Fusen and social media


The Fusen allows the placing of digital stickies on visual andauditory contents. By applying this, the user is able to leave digital stickies with notes for portions which they find relevant. One can simply refer to the time and notes in ease, which conduces efficacious “reflective study.” Further, these stickies can be shared with other users and can be linked with Twitter, Facebook and possibly with other social media which yields reciprocal use of knowledge.

Castalia Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Founded by Representative Director, Satoshi Yamawaki. Based on “Mobile & Social,” Castalia produces educational digital content solutions, and Media management for learning. Interposing digital content distributor and end user, Castalia’s initiates “learning social.” Castalia also manages Appetizer Japan (http://www.appetizer.jp), Japan’s alpha smartphone website and think tank that embraces “media activism.”
URL: http:// www.castalia.co.jp